Questions about font size and notifications on tablet

(Gummibear) #1

Tablet first? I’m reading this on an iPad Pro and the font size is painfully small and not adjustable :sob:

Also I’m not getting any notifications when discourse is not open and the browser is not active. Really limiting.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Here is a screenshot of me using this site on my iPad pro right now. I don’t see much difference between the Discourse font size and Twitter app font size…

Also you probably got an email notification about this, didn’t you :wink:

(Kevin P. Fleming) #3

Since Discourse is a web application, it’s pretty much impossible for you to receive notifications when you don’t have a browser tab/window/etc. open and logged in to the Discourse site in question.

(Wes Osborn) #4

Chrome mobile has added support for push notifications while not on the site:

Facebook’s mobile site uses this: Chrome can now send you Facebook push notifications on Android - The Verge

(Kevin P. Fleming) #5

I could be wrong, but that just sounds like regular push notifications. They work just fine when the browser is open and the site is displayed in a tab, even if that tab is not the currently displayed one (or even if the browser is not the currently displayed application).

@gummibear said “when the site is not open”, which would seem to indicate that they did not have the Discourse site in a browser tab (even a background tab) at the time. If they did, then my mistake, but the wording would seem to indicate otherwise.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

(Chris Saenz) #7

I’ve been getting Facebook notifications regularly through Chrome, and I almost never visit the actual site… kind of annoying actually. But it does work.

Sometime if you’re on Facebook in Chrome, it may ask you to display notifications, if you say yes, it will do so even when there’s no FB tab open.