Questions about site customisations

Hello Friends,

1-How i can make a banner on the top of the lists like this website
2- how i can make ask question button on the top of the lists also like same website
3- how i can make same side bar also like the website i mentioned Above.

Thanks in advance

I used the following topics:

Banner, the button is made by a plug-in. You can see the sample:

All these are standard features of Discourse. Thanks for the great, flexible engine.


Thanks a lot,

Is this a some kind of plugins ?

because as i said i want to do same as your site !

Thanks again

This is a plugin for adding a banner. Where it is necessary to edit the html in the file at its discretion, or relying on this demo plugin to make your own.

For the sidebar, you can use the plug-ins, via the links that are above.

The fact is, in the site, I used a slightly different build scheme. Some of the file is rewritten or completely replaced. It’s not the plugins. But you can put the plug-ins listed above and using css to do anything you want.

We do not have one, two or three ready-made plugins that you will get a copy of the site.

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Sounds clear, wish a big success to you guys.
thanks, that was helpful

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