Questions about support with hosted Discourse


(Tony Lowe) #1

I am very interested in using Discourse as a forum for a private members site built on wordpress and using PMPro . I am considering using your hosted service and wondered about the support available to get this integrated with my wordpress website.
The main issue I will need to address is single sign-on using the Wordpress users and PMPro membership level to control access to the forum (I see something similar discussed here but it didn’t seem to get resolved).
I also wish to pull out data from the forum via the API to display stats on the members dashboard (e.g. number of that user’s posts, replies, likes, badges) within the wordpress site. This appears to be possible using the API but it not clear where to access support documentation.

Is it possible to pay for development work to implement these requests? Thanks!

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #2

You can use this PrimeTime WordPress + Discourse SSO — WordPress Plugins for SSO. I haven’t tried it but its been recently updated so it will probably work.

You can find API documentation here. Discourse API Documentation

(Kane York) #3

Remember that email addresses MUST be validated before being given to the forum, otherwise you will be vulnerable to spam.

Getting the email from Google or Facebook counts as being validated.

(Manthan Mallikarjun) #4

I think Wordpress has a confirmation email thingy built into it.

(Tony Lowe) #5

Thanks for the link to the api discussion thread. I hadn’t seen this.