Questions on badges admin can create

Am I correct in thinking that selecting a “group” to assign a badge to is simply to categorize that new badge (it doesn’t functionally do anything to a triggering mechanism for that badge, for example). That any badges created with this setting must be manually assigned to members? Cool function, btw.

You are correct

Correct. However, it is possible to enable badge sql to make the process automatic (Badge SQL can no longer be edited by default).
Note that this function was turned off by default due to security reasons.


Thanks for the clarification, Dax.

I read up on enabling badge sql and decided that my lack of proficiency in coding and the security risks weren’t worth having the automatically triggered, customized badges in my case.

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Does “allowing badge to be used as a title,” mean the member has that option in their own settings or does that badge title get used by default?


In case there are a lot of queries shared by the community that have been verified and tested. Many queries can be found here What cool badge queries have you come up with?


It’s the former. :slight_smile:

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Should the icon I uploaded through a link to the form for making a custom badge appear on the badge page?


If it isn’t appearing, I am thinking that means that the upload didn’t work.

What did you write exactly in the Icon field?


I uploaded the image to forum administrators–>assets for site design, and got this address:

I then pasted that address into the form as follows:

I repasted the address just in case there was some problem with the copy and paste but not change.

Dah, I just realized I probably should have pasted the URL in the icon box. I’ll do that. :confused:
Ok, that worked.