Quoting a quote displays incorrect author avatar

(James Kiesel) #1

If I highlight a quote from within another post, and paste it into my response, I end up with a quote box as expected, but the avatar accompanying the quote is of the person who quoted, rather than the person who originally authored the text. Pictures:

Copying from this post:

Nets me this in my response:

(PS, as an engineer I look at this bug and :roll_eyes: a bit, but as a user I think it could be quite confusing)

(Mittineague) #2

AFAIK this has always been the case. Usually not a problem because quoting a quote is rare? It behaves as though the member that posted the quote “owns” the text of the quote. We did have one member Flag a post with “I didn’t say that!” once that I know of. eg.

:rat: rat
rats are smarter than snakes

:snake: snake

rats are smarter than snakes

Hah! snakes are way smarter than rats,

:badger: badger

:snake: snake
rats are smarter than snakes

badgers are smartest of all

Snake noticed the misattribution and was less than pleased.