Quoting image in post

Is there any way to quote images?

Currently, quoted images shows the text only. As a result, we cannot point on which images we’re referring to.

Use the full quote button in the editor. It’s the first button on the editor toolbar, as you read from left to right.

This is a bit of a nuclear option because nobody likes seeing the same text and images repeated in the topic over and over, though.

Just tested some. Will simulate it here

without img tag

turns out that the image inside img tag is quoted properly, while link-only image isn’t.
Can it be made automatic so that any image link will be modified into img-tag format, or be rendered automatically?

No, it cannot. You generally shouldn’t be doing this anyway, for the reasons I already stated. Nobody likes seeing the same image over and over in a topic.

I don’t think quote works only in one topic.

Here, we have one post explaining how to do stuff using images as guidelines (for FAQs).
Unfortunately, that one post contains more than one type of answer. Therefore, we cannot quote it in proper way in case that the same question is asked again over, and over in new topics (the images we quoted aren’t rendered properly, thus giving the feel that the quote doesn’t answer the question properly.)

Edit your quotes to get them the way you want. If you’re unwilling to do the work, you can’t achieve the outcome you desire.

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