Rails Girls 2015 SoC Banter

(Ladydanger) #1

chatting about stuff for Rails Girls SoC application for Discourse advertising plugin. Coaches, mentors and whoever wants to chat.

Google AdSense plugin
Oh advertising, oh advertising where for art thou advertising
Advertising on Discourse
(Ladydanger) #2

Hey all, just an update. The project plan for the application is here GitHub - cyberkoi/Pre-RGSoC-Team-Melbourne-Discourse: Discourse Ad (Plugin) Team Melbourne.
Please feel free to change. Sarah and I will be working on it over the weekend + more.

(Robin Ward) #3

Here’s a link to the Github issue I made for the application:


Here’s my loose roadmap idea:

Loose Roadmap:

Week 1 - Set up Discourse development environment
Week 2 - Create basic “hello world” Discourse plugin
Week 3 - Create Ad plugin: first step, shows boxes where ads should be on Discourse
Week 4 - Separate boxes into an Ember component for re-use
Week 5 - Add support for an ad provider to the component (Google? whoever is most popular!)
Week 6 - Add site settings to configure plugin
Week 7 - Create tests for plugin component
Week 8 - Package plugin for Distribution

(Sarah Ni) #4

Hey @eviltrout

One of our coaches has identified some challenges about Discourse, mainly:

  • What if the functionality isn’t what is expected?
  • What if we finish early etc.?

I was wondering about your thoughts on this? :=)

(Dane Natoli) #5

Hey @snjqi188,

In response to your email, feel free to ask us any questions you have regarding rails, coding or whatever. Not sure what the best format for that is, whether we set up an email group that you can send to that will be forwarded to all the coaches or whether we just use discourse to handle that. I think once you and Vi have sorted out how you would like to work and we have you here in the office we can work out the best way to handle support.

In the meantime, if you want to get a headstart on using rails, the [Rails for Zombies] (http://railsforzombies.org/) screencasts are pretty good. Additionally, if you can get your hands on a copy, I’d recommend reading [Agile Web Development with Rails 4] (Agile Web Development with Rails 4 by Sam Ruby | The Pragmatic Bookshelf) to get a thorough understanding of how rails works at a high level.

(Sam Saffron) #6

Keep in mind, this project is going to require very minimal understanding of Rails, most of the work is going to be in Ember / JavaScript. A would probably recommend “JavaScript the good parts” and maybe a good getting started with Ruby book. http://tryruby.org is probably a great start here.

(Dane Natoli) #7

Thanks for that Sam. I did have those links in my post but supposedly I don’t have enough discourse cred to post more than 2 links in a post!

(Jeff Atwood) #8

People find Ember much more confusing than Rails, so I would not even bother looking at Rails. I can tell you with a hundred percent certainty, that is not the part anyone will struggle with.

To be fair Ember is much newer and still pretty bleeding edge in the big scheme of things.

(Robin Ward) #9

As the others said, Javascript is the place to start. The Ember stuff required for this particular plugin will be simpler than say, building a large part of our admin section.

I don’t agree with Jeff saying not even to look at Rails, as beginners you will need to understand the basics to get the plugin started. And it is the Rails Girls SoC after all, even if this project is heavy on Javascript you’ll want to learn some Rails in the process :smile:

As for your other questions:

The worst case scenario is that people won’t use the plugin if it doesn’t meet their expectations. Since it is a plugin and not part of Discourse core, there is very little downside to it. Having said that, in the spirit of open source, if you guys make a great effort and put your results out there, someone else can come along and champion it / move it forward. I wouldn’t worry about this and just do your best!

If you finish early and are still interested in the project, there is a lot more we could add to it! I scoped out what I think is a simple an realistic version to finish, but we could really add a bunch of more advanced functionality to it. I don’t think it would be hard to find new and awesome features to add to it.

(Adelsmee) #10

Hi everyone,

I do a Learn JavaScript class for fun at work and we use Eloquent Javascript as a resource - free and online and interactive: http://eloquentjavascript.net/. I also think JavaScript the Good Parts is a good one too…

(am I doing this right, I feel like I shouldn’t be replying to @eviltrout but creating a new post??)

Happy Thursday,

(Jens Maier) #11

That’s why there are two reply buttons:

The one immediately below a post replies to that post and notifies the user that they were replied to (unless they’ve muted you or the topic), while the reply button all the way at the bottom of the topic replies to the topic in general and only users who watch the topic will be notified. :smile:

(Sarah Ni) #12

New project-plan.md is up for all to have a look at my github repo @snjqi188 (github)
We’ve made it much more readable. Kudos to @ladydanger!

currently enquiring with rgsoc to see how coaches would have to submit statements. will get back to you with more findings.

(Dane Natoli) #13

@snjqi188 @ladydanger

One thing I noticed, in section 7 its mentioned under “Acquire Javascript Fundamentals” that Vi is going to read “The Art and Science of Java”. You may already know this but Java is a totally different programming language from Javascript, so I don’t think this book will help you with to accomplish this task.

(Jens Maier) #14

Very true… Java and JavaScript are completely different languages, even though their syntax is similar. Unfortunately, this can sometimes make it hard for beginners to recognize the vast differences; for example, this is the typical “print ‘Hello World’ ten times” program in C, Java and JavaScript:

(Ladydanger) #15

Hey Dane!
Thanks for pointing this out. Kind of embarrassed to say that I didn’t know this :blush: , it’s kind of like saying cheese is the same as cheesecake. Silly me! Will replace the Java book in Section 7 with the codecademy course on Javascript and an itune library course in Javascript.
Thanks again!

(Sarah Ni) #16

To all coaches: Time is ripe! Sending out this email (and on Discourse) since it’ll be the easiest to reach everyone before the 13th of April (deadline).

We’re super grateful to have all of you on board. Please fill out the coaches section - 2 easy parts on how much time you can support us, and why you think we’ll be successful - RGSoC - Teams App

If you can’t access it, try with github! We’ve added all of you as coaches so it should work out.

If it doesn’t work out, do let us know :slight_smile:

If you could get it in by 11 April that would be amazing. We hope to send in our application by 12 April. That should give everyone plenty of time.

Also, there seems to be a limit for adding coaches on the application on rgsoc. It’s odd and we can’t seem to get Dane in because of that max limit. We’re asking rgsoc if they could expand the coaches section. Sorry Dane, we’ll get back to you on this!

(Sarah Ni) #17

@dnatoli_redbubble Just a follow up, we’ve managed to add you in as a coach! Yay!

Please fill in the coaches section before 11 April.

Cheers and many thanks!

(Ladydanger) #18

Hey @snjqi188, all the coaches have put in their responses - yay! and thanks to all our wonderful coaches, mentors and banterers in this banter :heart:. Sarah, I’m happy with the project plan and application so when you’re ready, do the honours and submit it :wink: (as I go abit click crazy - sorry about the accidental submit). I think what happens after is that they review it and if everything’s ok, they’ll speak to @eviltrout to get your ok Robin.

Thanks again Sarah, it’s been great working on this application with you and hopefully, I’ll be lucky enough to have the pleasure of being your pair :two_women_holding_hands: in RGSoC!

(Sarah Ni) #19

@ladydanger Submitted it has! (Screams internally)

(Adelsmee) #20

One of the guys I work with contributes to Ember and he recommended this as a resource: http://fromrailstoember.com/. Looks good…