Rails Girls 2015 SoC Banter

(Sarah Ni) #21

unparalleled awesomeness! thanks @adelsmee

(Ladydanger) #22

Kinda off topic, but recently deployed a discourse forum on digital ocean and really lovin’ how easy it was. the reply to post to upload images in settings for the logo etc… was so clever! Oh and the bonus credit for digital ocean was a nice surprise too!

(Sarah Ni) #23

We’ve got accepted as a sponsored team in the Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015!

-insert screenshot here- (It seems that I don’t have that privilege as I’m a new user)

@ladydanger and I. Ready to rumble!

(Robin Ward) #24

That is such awesome news! I can’t wait to start this project in earnest :smile:

(Sarah Ni) #25

Also, managed to set up Discourse locally on my Windows without a hitch. Discourse as Your First Rails App <- easy-to-read instructions, thanks for this! @sam @eviltrout

(Robin Ward) #26

I set a reminder to create some how to guides that will help guide the team through creating a plugin. I just published the first one here:

I think this should contain enough information for the team to get started next week!

(Ladydanger) #27

Thanks Robin!!! Can’t wait to start next week

(Sarah Ni) #28

We’ve managed to install Discourse locally. It works on localhost:3000, but had lots of errors on the bundle exec rake autospec command. Errors as attached - any advice :-)?


(Ladydanger) #29

Hi @eviltrout,
We’re just going through our paperwork to make sure we get everything done and part of the Rails Girls paperwork says we need to communicate frequently with you. We wanted to know what suits you best so that we can arrange it – e.g. did you want meetings each week, or whether you’d be happier with an as-needs type of arrangement etc…
Atm we’ve got a blog up and we plan to update it daily with a log of the things we’ve done and progress to date here: http://team-melbourne-rgsoc2015.github.io/ and if problems/issues arose, we’d just post it up on the discourse meta to make it easier given our time differences.
What d’ya think?

(Sarah Ni) #30

Hey @eviltrout another thing - we’re sending a group photo (with coaches and us and things) to the RGSoC community (as per their request). Would you like us to put the discourse logo in to show affiliation? Let us know :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #31

One meeting per week is a good cadence. I would not go below that.

(Ladydanger) #32

cool, no probs. @eviltrout, just let me know of a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll organise to be there on google hangouts/skype. Our 9am is your 7pm - would that suit? Otherwise, we’re happy to meet outside of this, just let us know :slight_smile:

(Robin Ward) #33

Sure! That sounds great.

Sure I just need a little notice to set it up. Perhaps Mondays at 7PM? Actually now that I write that, I think my Monday at 7PM is your Tuesday at 9AM. Does that work for you?

(Ladydanger) #34

Sounds good @eviltrout - 9am on Tuesday (AEST) is fine. That’s 7pm on the Monday Toronto, Canada Time.
Speak to you then. Google hangouts ok with you? Let me know and I’ll set up an invite.

(Robin Ward) #35

It sure is! Send an invite over and I’m good to go!

(Ladydanger) #36

i frame


just a test video using the lazyYT to see if it works on the live version as not working on test.

(Jeff Atwood) #37

LazyYT is not needed, we folded that behavior into core a long time ago.

(Ladydanger) #38

Thanks @codinghorror! We just pasted the share and works wonderfully!

(Ladydanger) #39

ahh, its in the onebox… so does that mean the lazyYT plugin is not functioning as an install plugin?

(Sarah Ni) #40

^ about that, we’ve been fiddling around with poll and lazyyt plugins - but it seems to be already integrated into the core.

(ps: also, spoiler alert plugin doesn’t seem to work)