Random Pink Color Showing Up In Custom Color Theme

Hey guys first time posting excited about these forums and the community. Ran into my first bug and couldn’t find anything about it while searching.

I made a custom color scheme for my forum and this random pink color is showing up for a lot of the text and some icons even though it’s not default nor did I designate it anywhere. #be5e79


Hmm can you post some screenshots? :slight_smile:


This is with it enabled. As you can see that pink isn’t selected anywhere.

(“new users are only allowed one image per post”)

My guess is you are triggering the dark background detection? What happens if you go with pure black and white for primary and secondary? Then try slowly dialing it back.


Didn’t work. Primary is already close to black anyways and background is pure white. Hardly changed from original black color.

Sorry, no idea then. Never seen that.

You are right it was the primary color. Changed it back to 222222 from 2a1118 and pink went away.


Fast forward two years and I am having this issue also. FWIW it looks like a transparency is being applied.

Any additional insight?

Have you tried individually reverting your colour choices?

I changed the Primary, as advised above, from a dark brown to black but saw no change.

I have changed the other colours as well but not systematically.

Ok, gone back and doing some swap out with strategic colour choices and it looks like there is a transparency filter on the primary and tertiary. Is there a way to remove this filter?