Random settings persistance with Bitnami install

I have a fresh install of discourse in container mode (v 2.3.2).
I configure basic settings with the wizard and after that, when i refresh my web browser, sometimes i get old settings and sometimes i get new settings, sometimes a mix of both.

I checked the database and the settings are well persisted.
I tried several web browsers, several client.

I found a solution to fix the changes settings is to connect to my discourse container and reload the app via this command :RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake restart

How can i fixed it ?

This implies you have a broken install. Did you install using our official install guide? No other method is supported here.

It’s a docker bitnami instance, but i also created an issue on their github repo but they advise me to ask to discourse team…

Bitnami is unsupported. Please follow the official install guide and install yourself.

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You should make a note there that the discourse team will never support their image.

If it works for anyone, I’m surprised.

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Ok so where is documentation to install discourse instance on kubernetes cluster ? On openshift ?

Discourse only supports docker by default and here is the documentation for that.


If you’re not following it, Please don’t expect support from here. You’re pretty much on your own.

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