Ranks for the FiveM forum

(Photobox 2009) #1

hey i dont get what this is because i see the rules to get trusted ranks but i acomplishe them but i dont get them so if i could get some help it would be great.


Are you talking about Trust Levels?
Please read this: What do user trust levels do?

(Mittineague) #3

Hi Photobox 2009 welcome to the forum

This is your own forum where you are Staff?

If so, many Trust Level requirements can be tweaked.

If they have not been tweaked from the default values, it could be a Bug. But more detail would be needed from you to show how to reproduce the problem.

If this is not your forum where you are Staff, then it might be that the Staff have changed requirements from the default values. In other words, though you may know you have met the default requirements, you may not have met the requirements of that forum. In which case you would need to take it up with them, not here at meta.

(Photobox 2009) #5

im not staff on the FiveM forum but its just that i have the requirements now is there a new page for the new requirements

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

They might have changed the defaults. Trust levels are not immediately granted, so you might just need to wait. Folks here don’t have any control over FiveM forum, so we can’t really help.