Rare 500 Internal Server Error when bookmarking via keyboard shortcut

(Dean Taylor) #1

It’s possible to raise a “500 Internal Server Error” by bookmarking / removing the bookmark from a post.


  • it doesn’t happen all the time
  • it might have been a momentary issue
  • I have experienced similar on a local instance in the past.

I wanted to report this in case there is something that can be found in the error logs.

#bug is not the best category for this - but closest match.

In the screenshot the following sequence caused the error:


  1. Open topic
  2. Navigate to post via keyboard k
  3. Within 4 seconds
  • Bookmark b
  • Unbookmark b
  • Bookmark b
  • Unbookmark b

Actual Result

(TechnoBear) #2

I’ve experienced the same issue on a couple of occasions using the l key to like a post. First attempt returns an error; second attempt works correctly. (No undoing required.)

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Are you sure meta wasn’t in the middle of a deploy? Remember meta and try get deployed literally every time that there is a checkin on github.

I’d really prefer that you have repeatable steps here – the bug category itself says this – so downgrading this to support until such time as there are in fact repeatable steps.

(Dean Taylor) #4

There is no real way for me to be “sure”.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Is it repeatable? Can the steps be repeated to achieve the same result every time? If not, it can’t be listed as a bug…

(TechnoBear) #6

Just to clarify, the issue with “likes” which I’ve experienced was on our own site, not Meta.