Raspberry pi 3 hosting


(Frju365) #1

I want to host a forum on my rpi 3 but I don’t know how I can do that if it’s possible. I found this : Hosting discourse on a Raspberry Pi 3
But this hasn’t help on how can I get a custom docker image.
Moreover, the Raspberry pi is very good to host sites, forums… so it can be a good thing to do an image for ARM (and compatible with DEBIAN :slight_smile: , the most used Distro on server side ).

Thanks for your answer… Discourse is a good software but I really need help to install it

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

This seems like a great question to ask on a Raspberry Pi forum. People here aren’t likely to know how to create a custom Docker image for Rpi.

@Samay_Shamdasani, did you have any luck?


How about:

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You may want to wait and see how Samay_Shamdasani fared

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