Raspberry Pi 4, Discourse inside Docker?

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Discourse is awesome, thank you Discourse devs, for your great work.

Has anyone tinkered with getting Discourse working on a Raspberry Pi 4? Doing a normal Docker install of Discourse? I’m guessing that running from an SSD, in a SATA-to-USB3 enclosure (~~200ish MB/sec) would be smart, to get far faster disk I/O than what can be had on a MicroSD card (~20ish MB/sec).

Are there any obvious ARM-related bugs which can and will happen in Discourse, or any of it’s dependencies, which do not happen on AMD64?

You should probably search for and contribute to an existing Raspberry Pi Topic?

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I’ve tinkered with a few SBC’s in the past, including the Raspberry Pi 1 and 3 (and the NanoPi Neo).

IMHO, The Raspberry Pi 4 is the first SBC that I would actually take seriously, for running any sort of server like Discourse on. Thereby putting it in a class of it’s own.

The Operating Systems that are provided with other non-Raspberry Pi SBC’s (for example, Armbian) tend to have flaky seen-in-ARM-but-not-in-AMD64 bugs lying in wait, which to me sort of disqualifies those boards for serious consideration, as these not infrequent gotchas will be very taxing. Having said this, I give huge kudos to the Armbian project, who are truly doing the best they can to bring stability to a highly eclectic bunch of ARM boards which are surprisingly different from one vendor to another.

It’s only the Raspberry Pi ecosystem where you see major development work to make the OS as stable and reliable as I would like, for running a server like DIscourse on. As to the Raspberry Pi 3 and down, they don’t have USB 3.0 (ouch, disk IO nowhere as fast as I would like for a server, like 20 MB/sec at best), nor true gigabit ethernet, again disqualifying them from my consideration as worthy for a server for software like Discord.

So that was my reasoning behind why the Raspberry Pi 4 deserved it’s own thread. It’s not a trivial thing, I say, that the Raspberry Pi 4 has arrived, which is a very decent and cheap SBC for making a server out of, where so many other SBC’s came nowhere close to cutting the mustard, in the way of hardware, and software stability.

I’m not 100% sure but I’ve read somewhere that there’s a discourse fork which runs with raspberry pi. I tried to look it up but can’t seem to find it. I’ll surely share the link if I find it.

Vanilla discourse runs fine on raspberry pi 4 (4GB) on a USB 3 SSD.

However, it doesn’t crush any performance numbers. Very poor performance (primarily due to slow CPU)


Pi 4 is a big step up in performance over the Pi 3 for sure but it’s still too anemic to run Discourse with decent performance. And then there is the non x86 penalty…

Try one of these instead The Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer


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