Read more in mobile turns into broken site

(Nindita Giwangkara) #1

Hi there I would like to inform the dev that if I click any read more on the main site viewing as category sorted would make the site return to an unexpected page.

Any workaround?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Not following, what is the problem, screen shot?

(Nindita Giwangkara) #3

@sam here is the screenshot

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I think he means:

  1. sort topic list by category
  2. click ‘read more’ on a pinned topic

@eviltrout can you repro?

(Nindita Giwangkara) #5

Yes, like that.

But it only happens if sorted by category,

(Marco) #6

Bug is confirmed. (I have to write 20 chars so blah).

(Robin Ward) #7

I cannot reproduce this even following the same steps.

I’ve tried here on meta, using Chrome in mobile view and on my Nexus 4:

What I did:

  • Navigated to
  • Filtered by meta category
  • Clicked ‘read more’ on the pinned topic

It loads the topic fine?

(Marco) #8

No it doesn’t. Here the screenshots:

Clicked on “New GitHub… read more”

iPhone and Chrome.

(Marco) #9

The URL it points to:<script%20id=‘metamorph-201-start’%20type=‘text/x-placeholder’></script>/t/new-github-checkin-prefix-convention/19392<script%20id=‘metamorph-201-end’%20type=‘text/x-placeholder’></<script%20id=‘metamorph-201-start’%20type=‘text/x-placeholder’></script>/t/new-github-checkin-prefix-convention/19392<script%20id=‘metamorph-201-end’%20type=‘text/x-placeholder’></script>

(Nindita Giwangkara) #10

The bug still persists on me,
Tested on BlackBerry 10 browser, Samsung S4 with Chrome.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Sorry this bug report is extremely unclear we can barely understand you. So you are starting from the categories page on mobile? Cc @eviltrout

(Nindita Giwangkara) #12


Here is how I reproduce this bug,

  1. Using mobile browser on my BB10 device
  2. Navigated to ‎ as it’s already categories sorted
  3. I clicked on “read more” on the pinned topic (in this case Welcome to the new blabla)
  4. Error happened

(Dave McClure) #13

I can repro here on meta too, piecing together @nindita’s steps with @vulkanino’s screenshots:

  1. On mobile (using Nexus 5 / Android / Chrome
  2. Go to the categories page:
    Categories - Discourse Meta
  3. Scroll down to the dev category
  4. Click the “read more” link under “New GitHub checkin prefix convention”

(Robin Ward) #14

Okay I’ve got a repro now, thanks guys.

edit: Fixed in master:

(Régis Hanol) #15