Read Only banner should float

(Donal Fellows) #1

When a Discourse instance is read-only, a banner is placed at the top of each topic page to inform users that this is the case. However, when one’s main viewing mode is to look at the ends of topics only (e.g., if they happen to be enduring discussions) then the banner is only rarely seen if at all. Could the read-only banner be made to float somehow (similar to the overall site banner/topic title) so that it informs people who are near the bottom of a topic that they still can’t post replies or otherwise do stateful interactions?

It’s particularly important where an extended period of downtime happens.

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(Apparently Archetype) #2

that would help to have the banner float. however i think better UX would have it merge into the header when scrolled out of view. either as the entire message or a notification (with popout on click) that there is a message.

that would be less disruptive to existing layouts and still drastically increase the visibility of the notification.

(Kane York) #3

I think that banner topics should do this as well. Right now, it floats awkwardly, covering up some of the reading space, with some of the actual thread visible above & behind it.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

That is a good idea can you mock up what that would look like?

(Kane York) #5

Here’s a 3-minute mockup:

Probably want a .docked-messages container that can have multiple .messages, because you need read-only + global notice + banner topic.

The great part about putting it there is that it actually pushes the top of the page down - when the topic is calculating how much space it needs above it, it asks for the .height() of the whole d-header.

(Apparently Archetype) #6

Riking pretty much nailed my thought in the first option of floating the notifications.

A 3 minute mockup in paint of my thought for having a notification in the header (shown expanded)

The exact UI will probably want to be designed by someone who’s… y’know an artist or UI expert, but the idea is that an additional icon shows up in the header when there’s a notice that may be off screen and says “click me to see an important site notification!”

(from TDWTF) #7

Gotta be careful with mobile UI, though. adding a banner with two sentences can easily cut into the reading space. Especially if it’s always visible.

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(Donal Fellows) #8

Sites shouldn’t usually be kept in read-only mode for long periods of time, so it’s not that serious when it comes to the mobile UI. It probably ought to be kept to a single line though; the first sentence is the key part, and should fit easily enough as it doesn’t need to be done in a large font.