Reason for edit - when edited a person's post

(Barbie) #1

When I edit a person’s post and fill in the reason for edit box what happens? Does the original poster get a msg/pm or see the reason for the edit somehow?

(blaumeer) #2

The edit history (small pencil on top right corner of message area) shows number of edits and detail of each edit including author. Original post author does not receive a notification, I think.

(Dave McClure) #3

Original author does get a notification of the fact that their post was edited. (There is no PM or verbose message though)

When you click it, it brings you to the post, after which you can click the pencil icon as @blau said to review the edit if you so choose.

(TechnoBear) #4

I believe you receive a notification that your post has been edited, but it’s up to you to work out how/why.

(Barbie) #5

Thank you for the responses. I wasn’t aware that I could click on the pencil to see the edits or the reasons.

I’m wondering if instead of showing the time the post was last edited it could instead show a dialogue box stating something like ‘click to see edits & reasons’ as to me this would be more important information then the time of the edit?

(Michael Downey) #6

It would be nice, when clicking the notification, if the edit history for the post in question was automatically opened.

(system) #7

(Sam Saffron) #8

I do think this is a reasonable idea for a feature, 90% of the time when people edit my stuff I have to reach to the pencil to figure out what it was.

(James Kiesel) #9

I’ve put a PR in for this here: