Rebake/remap url of old images to external

My server’s community tends to uploads a fair rate of images and since there has been some relocating from server to server a few times - currently I have two upload folders.

Folder A is a backup from before the latest move and I suspect contains a lot of ghost folders that could be tidied up.
Folder B is the current “default” folder

In order to free up some space on the current server I was hoping to relocate Folder A to an external server, map a URL to it and update the links in bulk. Is that something I can accomplish with a remap and rebake?

If they all have the same (base) URL, sure. A remap will do the work :wink:


Thanks! Though one issue I’m noticing is that remap tends to fail on posts where the topic is marked as “deleted”.

Unlike delete posts - topics never get cleared so in order to clear the error log I’m having to manually undelete topics and relocate them into a hidden category.

I’m loathe to assume all fails are deleted topics though - don’t suppose there’s a way to purge deleted topics from the database while leaving others intact?