Rebuild after admin/customize?

(Mario) #1

I’ve made a customization using admin/customize panel. However, the change is not reflected on the discourse web site. Do I have to make a rebuild for the changes to take effect?
Thank you.


You don’t have to rebuild.

If it is a CSS rule that is not applied, you can usually debug it with the Inspect feature of your browser.

(Mario) #3

Actually, I have added a user field and checked “at required at sign-up”. On the sign-up page nothing new is shown, however, when I try to sign up it gives an error message saying some required field is not completed. So I think even though it is not shown, it take effect immediately. But there is still a problem of not displaying the change on the page.

(Daniela) #4

If your code is in Html or Js to see the changes you need to refresh the page (ctrl+F5)

(Mario) #5

It did not show up after ctrl+F5, but it showed up after a certain time. I think it is a cache related issue.