Rebuild app fails due to allowed attachment size change

I just tried to git pull and

I read elsewhere that git pull may not be needed before ./launcher rebuild app so ok just do that, and this error repeats over and over:

It’s a standard DO install. I haven’t edited templates/web.template.yml so I am not sure what’s going on.

Well you are checked out on some sort of branch, you probably want to check out master

I think I’m already on master

OK sorry - I realise now I’ve edited upload_size in this file.

I guess I should be changing the max allowed attachment size from app.yml instead:

However there is advice in that thread from @sam to make the edit as I did in web.template.yml.
Any further advice on the best method for this? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve resolved this by

  1. Editing web.template.yml to match the current corresponding file from the Discourse github repo
  2. git pull (is this needed? not sure)
  3. ./launcher rebuild app
  4. Edit web.template.yml again (to allow large attachments)
  5. ./launcher rebuild app