Recent change to suppressed topics?

(Abram Bailey) #1

We previously suppressed a topic from our home page (set to Latest), but some users selected Categories as their default home page so they would be able to see the suppressed category on Latest … Some of the users are unhappy now, as it seems the v2.0.0.beta4 +138 update has changed the option “suppress category from home page” to “suppress category from latest topics”, which means the workaround is no longer possible (for users who wish to see the suppressed category). One possible fix would be to give users the option of showing certain suppressed categories on the Latest page through their preferences?

(Sam Saffron) #2

I am open to have a user option for “never suppress any topics from my latest list” (which only shows up if some categories are supressed)

This is similar to the way we allow control over unpinning behavior.

It is rather rare though to need this, so its not on our roadmap. @codinghorror is this something you feel should be pr-welcome?

(Ryan Evans) #3

I don’t fully understand what this option provides, specifically when the category is a private one that only a specific group has access to. If I leave this box unchecked, will members who are not of that group see topics in this category as one of the latest topics? Or will it still be entirely invisible to them?