Recently our admins are logged off very frequently. should I be worried?

during the past 2 weeks, our admins are logged off the site automatically. it happens without any regular time gap!

nothing strange seems to happen in the site. should I be worried about anything? or is this an update?

Staff participation is a key indicator for a healthy community. So much so that it’s stressed in the materials for admins and moderators.

Have you asked your fellow community members, or the staff directly?

yes (but not from the community members). the logged off happened automatically.

once or twice, it happened for 2 admins together. that was when one of the admins was changing some html in the plugin section (defining house ads or adding static pages).

Ah, you mean logged out, are they using impersonation?

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no, they are not. one of the admins was busy filling the html part of house ads and static pages.

it’s one of those reports that I’m expert of, i.e. the non- reproducable reports without any log!

but I guess if it’s due to a bug, it’s better to be reported:

one of our admins saw himself logged in as another admin, without using “impersonate” or without having the password! imagine @codinghorror refreshes his meta-discourse, and sees that he’s logged in as @sam!

nothing strange is reported in the admin actions, also no impersonating is logged.

is there any way to check what’s going on?

Is this a standard install?

yes, it is; and on the latest.

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