"Recently Read Topics by User" query returns Parameter declaration error


Just tried this - Recently Read Topics by User- @mcwumbly and getting the following error:
Parameter declaration error - the default value is not a valid int

I have tried also changing the :user value from 1 to my userid but still same error

What cool data explorer queries have you come up with?
(Dave McClure) #2

weird… :user param should really be an integer so I updated it above, but it was working for me anyway…


strange still getting the same issue - both on 1.5 stable and latest build.

Are you able to export as json file for me please and will see if it will allow as an import.


(Dave McClure) #4

Here you go:

recently-read-topics-by-user.dcquery.json (774 Bytes)

FWIW, I’m on the latest build of Discourse and the plugin… Are you on the standard docker install?

(Dean Taylor) #5

There is currently a weird bug that causes this error in the Data Explorer.

I had been unable to mark down the exact sequence, but refreshing the page resolves it.


Very odd - that works fine now with the imported file - thanks @mcwumbly

Did try to refresh the page @DeanMarkTaylor but that didnt seem to make any difference. I wonder if it has something to do with the params fields as most other queries run ok - but find from time to time when trying to save them i get similar errors.