Recommend cloud server for discourse hosting

(Kevin) #1

There are ways to install discourse with minimal spec and resources as per FAQ. Does minimum spec works good for personal individuals forums? I got forum having on board 3 users with 30 topics.
As digitalocean one click app recommends 2gb ram, where other hand discourse can be installed manually on 1gb ram.

Does on 1Gb RAM discourse works smooth?

And which is the best place to move discourse in cloud hosting as compared to Digitalocean, Amazon lightsail, Linode, etc…

Require hardware of Discource
(Christoph) #2

I suggest you search this forum for “1GB”

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

Lots of good information in the #hosting category. A quick scan through recent topics will yield numerous topics comparing various hosting platforms, as well as details on running Discourse with 1 GB of RAM.

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

There is rich discussion on hosting; search here for “cheap hosting”.

See the offical INSTALL-cloud document for more info. The Digital Ocean one-click install works, but takes a few steps to get upgraded to the recent version. For a forum your size, 1GB is enough. I have some further discussion in the FAQ section of my install offering.