Recovering email addresses of deleted users

How would I go about finding email addresses of deleted users? They have been deleted from our “screened emails” log.

The deleted users process has been refined so that sites can ensure compliance with data protection.

If it’s doing the job correctly those email addresses won’t be anywhere but your backups, and potentially the logs of whatever email service you’re using.


Further to Stephen’s point, emails are only added to the screened email log if the user was deleted using the “delete and block” option. If a user was simply deleted with the “Delete only” option their email is not added to the log.


Thanks. I am checking the email service now. Was hoping to avoid going through the email logs since there were so many accounts used to post threats to our site. Maybe email information should log next to the IP information on the staff action log for deleted users as a safety feature.

If you delete a user you really do have to delete them. Keeping the email address around would make compliance a nightmare.

Better to review your process for deleting users - be mindful that if a user requests their information be deleted your grounds for retaining them are limited, but not nonexistant.

I don’t think this is the typical deleting situation… I would like to go into more detail but I can’t really post publicly about what’s going on. Normally we would never delete a user unless there were extenuating circumstances, but in this case, one of our mods was coerced into deleting accounts that posted threats and extremely obscene content. To complicate matters further, the perpetrators and this moderator live in another country. I wish I could go into more detail.

Deletion was probably not the right move here at all, in the future consider that you may need to keep copies of such stuff as evidence.

You can move offensive posts into a non-public category and suspend accounts to prevent further posting. Do you give your moderators any guidance on how to handle such situations?

Yes. The moderator was forcibly coerced to delete. As I said, we never delete users.