Red Hat Linux Server running Discourse crashing nightly

(Juliette Culver) #1


We have a completely fresh install of Discourse, following the online instructions, on a newly-built Red Hat Linux 7 server and are finding that it is crashing nightly (not exactly the same time but it seems to usually happen in the evening when nobody would be using the site). The server was fine before we installed Docker/Discourse and we haven’t been able to spot anything obvious in the logs, although we don’t have previous experience with Docker or Discourse so could be missing something.

Any pointers as to what might be happening or how to figure out what the problem is? Or other suggestions?

Many thanks,

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Likely Docker issues as RH insists their “devicemapper” filesystem mode for Docker is stable, but we have never seen it work reliably.

Look at the output of docker info also check free memory and disk space. How much memory on the server?

(Matt Palmer) #3

Also check the docker daemon logs; there’s a surprising amount of semi-useful info in there (don’t know where RH/systemd hides it, though).

(Juliette Culver) #4

Thanks for the quick reply. That’s really useful to know- we’ve decided that if there are known issues with RH then we’ll go down the route of trying an installation on Ubuntu instead (lots of free disk space etc. on the server so don’t think that is the issue).

(Juliette Culver) #5

Thanks too Matt - I hadn’t checked the docker daemon logs in fact, but have found them now and really useful to know to check.