Red One over the admin hamburger menu but no detail

(Bill Graziano) #1

I have a red one at the top of the hamburger menu. Usually this means there’s a flagged post to moderate. However there isn’t. I can’t find anything for the flag to attach to.

None of the menu items have a red one. I clicked through most of the admin screens and didn’t see anything. I’ve looked at the log but didn’t anything there.

Is there anywhere else I can look? I even checked my profile.

(cpradio) #2

Do you have Akismet installed? Check there, you may have a queued post.

(Bill Graziano) #3

That was the first place I looked. No posts. I even hit the little refresh button just to be sure.

I do have Akismet installed. I have received spam alerts before. I don’t believe the appearance of this post was related to Akismet spam appearing as there hasn’t been one of those in a few days.

(cpradio) #4

I’m assuming you are an admin of the site, is that a fair assumption? As I do recall that flags get set for PMs, and when the flag is still active, Moderators can see it, but once it is deferred/agreed/disagreed, the flag should clear (should) and moderators lose the ability to see it.

(Bill Graziano) #5

I am an admin on the site.

(Mittineague) #6

Might it be if something was Flagged - triggering the Notification - then soon Deleted thereby removing the actual Notification topic?

(Robin Ward) #7

Did you previously have post approvals turned on then turned it off?

(Bill Graziano) #8

@Mittineague I believe something was flagged. There have been user flagged items and Akismet flagged items. However I’ve removed all those. The overall flag has been up now for over 12 hours while there hasn’t been an item I can find to clear.

@eviltrout I had the forum pretty locked down so that may have been on. However it’s been off for days (maybe weeks?) with hundreds of posts since then.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Every time I have looked (three times now), it is because they have post approval turned on, but turn it off while post approvals are still in the queue.

You should turn post approval back on to approve the post.