Redirect a user to a specific page/site if not logged in


(Francis Seno) #1

I’m using SSO but I want user who are not logged in to be redirected to a different page/site instead of the login page. Is there an option for it? is it possible?



I’m not sure I understand your question. Can’t you just set the sso url in the login section of the admin dashboard?

(Francis Seno) #3

Hi @KevinWorkman ,

if my site is, discourse is but I want the redirect of non-logged in users to be, is that possible?

Sorry I’m fairly new to discourse.



I don’t see why not. What happened when you tried it?

Also, you might take a step back and explain what you’re actually trying to do. Do you want your users to only be able to log in if they visit first?

(Francis Seno) #5

yes, only log in on I want to be an offer/landing page. basically is the member site.

when i tried it ( adding to sso url ), I can’t log in anymore from


(Francis Seno) #6

I’ve managed to make this work by editing a php file on my wp sso plugin, under class-pt-wp-discourse-sso.php just added:
// Redirect to login wp_redirect( '' ); exit;