Redirect loop with cas_sso plugin

(eriko) #1

I have been trying to track down an issue with my plugin that happens very infrequently but persistently to some users. They click on the cas login from discourse and the cas login window pops and then keeps refreshing till it reports and error 500 in the logs. It happens across computers and does not seem browser based. One user could not login with due to this issue from IE and a chromebook but could in private window in chrome on a mac.

Has there been any changes to plugin auth in the last couple months? While I think about this I am going to take a shot at writing a separate app to do the auth and then use the official SSO with it.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Nothing really I can think about that would cause a redirect loop.

(eriko) #3

Ok thanks. CAS is the bane of my existence.