Redirecting issues

So discourse is installed on forums.(my website).com, but if I go to (my website).com it redirects to forums.(my website).com. Is there any way to stop this?

Are those two domains pointed at the same ip? That’s what it sounds like. Can you share the domain names?

Ordinarily, as zero affect on either a dns problem or an issue with

What I have set up is a vps with discourse on it, and 2 domains pointing to it using a records, and Forums.phobotpguy .com (there is a space there as new members can only put 2 links in a post) is also pointing to that ip, and is what discourse is set up to use. But whenever I try to go to my root domain, it just redirects me to the forums sub domain. Do I need to buy a different VPS just for discourse to run on?

That’s the easiest solution. You can see How to set up Discourse on a server with existing Apache sites.

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