ReferenceError: DiscourseURL is not defined

(Net Deamon) #1

I am getting this error
When I use composer for second time. Like if I reply to a topic, and then I click on “message” to bring up the composer again, I get the error popup.

Attaching the screenshot for reference… any idea?

(Arpit Jalan) #2

I am not able to repro this issue on

Can you provide detailed repro steps? Also make sure you are running on latest Discourse version.

(Net Deamon) #3

I tried running my production installation in safe mode with unofficial plugin disabled, I didnt get the error.
This error is because of my plugin.
This error occurs because after messaging someone, it does not redirect to message page ( maybe DiscourseURL must be undefined ). Rather the composer just disappers in bottom. And when we open composer again, it throws error as DiscourseURL was not defined previously.
I was not able to reproduce it in local. But only in production.
I will try to debug more and fix it.
Thanks @techAPJ

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