Refresh needed to update message participants after removal of group

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Continuing the discussion from Reply as new message to same recipients:

This issue appeared as I was testing my soon-to-be-PR-worthy implementation of the above.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Write message to a group and a member of that group
  2. Remove the group from the message: only you will be left in topic.details.allowed_users
  3. Refresh the page: the member of the removed group will appear in topic.details.allowed_users

Because a picture tells a thousand words, what you see after step 2:

And after step 3:

Expected result:

No refresh is needed to get to the result of step 3.

I expect the same thing happens (in reverse) if you add a group to a message which a user is a recipient of.

I’ll probably get on fixing this after I submit the PR for the above feature, and I think I’ve mostly figured out how I would fix it, but feedback before that is very welcome.

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