Regression in translation

(Eric Vantillard) #1


I have installed a new discourse instance using latest version (1.2.0.beta2) and it seems to have regression in translations.

I have an other discourse instance ( 1.2.0.beta1) and the same translation is ok.

I am using the french localisation.

For example the create topic and create discussion buttons are not translated.

:fr: French terms translation
Translations frequently broken
(Eric Vantillard) #2

Can you tell me if this is a related to the latest version ?

(Sam Saffron) #3

This is not a bug, when string keys are renamed stuff breaks its just the nature of the game, recommend you get it translated on transifex and pick it up on next translation run.

(Eric Vantillard) #4

Understood but there were no missing translations into transifex

(Eric Vantillard) #5

I have just checked on transifex and I still can not see untranslated keys corresponding to the missing ones.

Maybe, could it be possible to notify translators some time a head of releasing new version to make the game more playable ?

what about adding a “translation upgrade” to be able to install latest translations in a running discourse ?

Translations frequently broken
(Eric Vantillard) #6

will continue discussion on [translations-frequently-broken] (Translations frequently broken) topic.