Regression with topic drafts

(Sam Saffron) #1

There are a bunch of topic draft regressions that need fixing:

Regression #1

  • Start typing a topic fill in enough that you see “draft saved”
  • Reload
  • Expectation draft is opened up. Actual it looks like all work is gone till you click “create topic”
  • Similarly, navigate to a topic and back to the topic list, draft does not open.

Regression #2

  • Click “cancel” on your open draft
  • Click “Create topic”, its not cancelled, instead it shows the original draft.

(Kane York) #2

Note that these are for new topics - it seems to work differently for topic replies. (For instance, I just refreshed twice while writing this, waiting for ‘saved’ each time.)

(Robin Ward) #3


(Jeff Atwood) #4