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I am on one of the forums hosted. It just started up recently. I was the first to reach regular trust level.
As of yesterday I am back to member level. I have done nothing differently to what I have done daily.

I asked our mods and they could not tell me why I had lost the trust level.

I have not had 5 flags that I was notified about.

Is there any way to find out why I lost the trust level? It will be helpful to our small but growing regular group.


(Mittineague) #2

Hi @Rosemary welcome to the forum

There’s more to it than Flags alone


Hi Rose,
Trust Levels are customisable so it’s impossible for us to tell you the exact reason without knowing the settings of the community in question. Here are the parameters:


It’s possible that you did something as minor as reading for a few minutes less!

(Rose) #4

Thanks guys.

I have met all those requirements listed. I think. Logged daily, read lots, replied lots, given out lots of likes.

With the likes, do you have to continue receiving 20 likes every 100 days? We have only been going since late August.

Is there a requirement for creating x amount of topics over 100 days.

This is a great format for a forum. Much better then the old one.

I am not very computer literate.

It’s the Catholic Answers Forum.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

You have to mail the moderators there, they can push a button on your admin user page to tell you what requirement you are missing for trust level 3 (regular). We have zero visibility into their data.

Here’s a screenshot of the button they need to push. You’ll need to take it up with them.

(Rose) #6

Thankyou Jeff. Much appreciated.