Relative link to category being sent in email

(Michael Brown) #1

The category links in email are being sent as relative:

<div class="title">
    <div class="quote-controls"></div>
  <img width="20" height="20" src="" class="avatar" style="max-width: 694px;">
  <a href="">Context lost when admin(?) breaks out a thread into a new topic.</a>
  <a href="/category/bug" class="badge badge-category" style="background-color: #ae3a27">bug</a>

(Jeff Atwood) #2

We should make sure this gets fixed!

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Actually @Neil or @eviltrout did this get fixed? I believe all links in email are absolute now, but this might be a onebox he is referring to.

(Neil Lalonde) #4

Category badges aren’t links in emails anymore. So… yes, it’s kinda fixed…

(Jeff Atwood) #5