Remove admin tab from Mod user

hi, Anyone know how to remove Admin tab from Mod user under humberger menu, i don’t want Mod member can access the Admin page.

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Click on hamburger menu, Admin, Users, and then go down to the Mod member for whom you wish to revoke Admin privileges. Click on that member and at their bio page, scroll down to Permissions, then on the line beginning with “Admin?”, click on the “Revoke Admin” button on the right side… and you’re done! :wink:


@JimPas thank for your answer. But i mean, i still want user is Mod, but don’t want they can access admin page. If revoke, then user not Mod anymore


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There are two separate permissions granted, one for Admin and the other is Mod. Changing one does not affect the other. I have two Mods on my forum, one with Admin rights. If I revoke that Mod’s Admin right, she’ll still be a Mod - just not able to access the Admin page. This is how it appears to me… just a simple click of one button.


Edit: Once the Admin permissions are revoked, the Mod’s wrench will/should revert back to the simple wrench which is used shown for the Moderators - without “Admin” behind it.

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I’m not so sure that is always true. As a Moderator that is not an Admin, I can go to “admin” pages, but only a limited subset of Admin pages


I have access to pages that have to do with users. Note that I do not have access to pages that have to do with running the forum. eg. I can not change forum wide settings, I can not schedule database backups, etc.

My take is that although the text “Admin” is used, it would be more accurate to think of it as being “Staff”. True there may be some overlap, but Moderators that are not Admins can access admin [staff] pages that are important in performing moderator tasks, Admins that are not Moderators can ignore “moderator” pages if they choose to.

A bit of an outlier is the plugins page. As Moderator I see a list of plugins but the page is not a functional UI as it is for Admins


Mods are able to access pages marked “Staff”. That’s how Discourse has it set up. Certain things that Admin can see can also be seen by Mods for the reason you mention above. Another reason is so Mods and Admin can “whisper” or make comments directly beneath posts without any other members seeing them. That helps to keep their comments in context with the post(s) they’re discussing. Yes, there is a little overlap as far as that goes, but revoking Admin privileges means the Mod no longer has access to members’ personal emails, making alterations to forum functions and much more.

Just a side note: I was a Mod on another forum before becoming an Admin on the current one we’re running. Although I can moderate should I choose to, I still read everything pertaining to Mods and everything they see.

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Hi @JimPas.
This is my setting for Mod

the moderator status is “Yes”, and Admin is “NO”. Then it mean the user with this setting will be Mod not Admin. But as this picture of user Mod.

image .

They still can access the Admin page with menu limited . And there is any way to prevent user Mod access admin page. Since Mod is Mod not Admin. So i don’t want they can access anything related with Admin page.

From your reply i saw that, your setting for Admin and Mod both is enable Yes. And as you said revoke the Admin, then it mean you demote your account from Admin to Mod. So i will test this case, promote to Admin and Mod and demote Admin to see.


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hi @JimPas

I just grant an account to Admin and Mod to match with your picture. And then revoke admin rights. But the Admin page still showing. Could you guide me how to do like you did for your site?.


First off… Do not demote yourself by changing Admin to no! You don’t want to mess yourself up even though there are ways to get it back. But save yourself any hassle.

Is this screenshot yours? If so, it is showing you are Admin. But if this screenshot was taken by your Mod, then it should not show “Admin” after the wrench. It should only show the wrench.

That setting I posted is for a Mod who is also an Admin… but not me. I only have Admin set up for myself. We have another member who is a Mod but has no Admin rights - one shield shows after her avatar. I only posted that other member’s settings to show you the Admin and Moderation buttons as they appear in that particular user’s Permissions and where to revoke either or both permission levels.

For your user in question, a simple look at their avatar in the Active Users list under Admin should show only one shield (Mod). If there are two shields, then they are both a Mod and Admin. The shield(s) show at the extreme right side of their stats.

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Hi @JimPas,
I create an other user for Mod not touch with Admin.

The screenshort i show to you is captured on another browser and under that user after i login.

here is information about Mod rights with one shield as you mentioned

And here is menu for that user after login.

This is setting for that user, the screenshort is captured under user rights and via their admin page -> user ( since it is Mod and showing Admin page)

And screenshort under Admin rights.

My discourese version is
image .

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:thinking: That is a little strange. I don’t think it should be showing “Admin” after the shield. Here’s two screenshots from two forums. The first is a forum where I am a Mod but not Admin. It doesn’t even show one shield… yet I am a Mod. The only place where it actually shows I am a Mod is in my posts and replies where it shows “Leader” after my username. I have no way of checking the Discourse version of the first forum.

The 2nd screenshot is from the forum where I am Admin (but choose not to be a Mod). In my posts and replies there is nothing following my username. But my two Mods have one shield after their usernames even though one of them is both a Mod and Admin.


Is there a chance you can ask your Mod for a screenshot showing what we just showed one another? If that person has just a wrench, then he/she is just a Mod. But if it has a wrench followed by Admin, then I think you may want to ask the Discourse team if something was changed affecting this in one of their updates.

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Hi @JimPas

  • First forum you said you are Mod not Admin and it does not show any shield and show you are “leader” then you are at Trust level 4 = Leader. You are just normal user with highest level and it is almost moderators not the real Mod.
  • For the shield showing beside user name. If one shield mean you may be Admin or maybe Mod. If two shields display mean you are granted both Admin and Mod rights.

Thanks for your support maybe i have to Ping Jeff Atwood.

@codinghorror Could you help me with this issue. I want to prevent user Mod access Admin page. Is there any way to do that?


I am a real Mod, but I choose to use a special title to follow my avatar instead of Leader. The title is “Tenacious Tomnodder”. The company’s parent company was dwelling on the idea of shutting down the crowdsourcing platform and the forum… and one of the two Mods passed away. To give the remaining Mod some help, I was promoted to Mod. I just didn’t switch my title to Leader.

If you hover over the shield, it should show whether it is for Mod or Admin. The only time you’ll see two shields is in the Admin dashboard and viewing users. In all posts, even our Mod - who is also Admin - only has one shield after her username.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


@JimPas thank you very much

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Can you clarify why you want to do this? Moderators generally need access to special information about the users on the forum, and the admin pages is how that information is delivered. So far, all you’ve said is that you want to remove it but never what specific information is objectionable.


hi @riking,

Admin is the one who will control the forum with all power. Mod is the one who manage the forum not control. Right now with Mod rights i can access Admin page with Dashboard, user, Log and Plugin menu.

  • For Plugin menu most of them Mod can not access , if you access you will get " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private". or “only available to admins.” and if accessible, the Mod can adjust the functionality of the system which is the admin’s task not mod. So this is menu will be no use in most case.
  • Menu Log and Dashboard also it’s admin task to see the health of system. Mod does not need to know it or see any changing from admin when setting system.
  • I agree with you about menu Users, Mod can access this to manage user.

As i explain Mod as the name itself who will follow the policy giving by admin or power group will manage user and site.And Mod can be the one who work for Admin so Mod should not know about how the system is, what the admin did, how the installed plugins were tweaked… bla bla.

If user i can trust and want he/she manage all the site i can grant Admin right with more power than Mod.

So Mod is Mod, Mod should not be Admin that’s why we have regular user, Mod and Admin.

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So it will still be used in some cases and as such should be accessible.

Strongly disagree on this, it’s important for mods to have an overview of community health and know the results of their actions.

More generally speaking, why would you want to give mod rights to people you wouldn’t even trust to know your stats? At the very least it seems like an extreme niche special case that we will probably not want to have in core.


Also, the Log is super important to Moderators, as it gives them the history of a user and the actions taken on them and their topics over time. That is critical knowledge when needing to take yet another action on the same user.


I find Admin -> Users to be crucial in my being fair. For example, if a member catches my attention and something feels familiar, being able to find supporting evidence that they are a zombie or alias of known problem account(s) can make a difference between suspending, an official warning, a friendly message or just keeping an eye on them.

I suppose some forums may have their tolerance at either extreme - one minor violation of any severity is grounds for suspension - or - anything goes. But for forums with a more complex policy I think giving moderators the tools to make a fair judgement is important.



Thank you guy for reply.

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