Remove (hide) delete my account

(marioMAN) #1

Hello guys

I am pretty new with Discourse and I am kind of lost.
I am trying to disable “Delete my account” as we use SSO and the account has to be deleted somewhere else.
Also We would like to disable the “List all users”

I could just go the html templates and remove those two links but that its kind of “hacky”. SO I guess something like a plugin would be better. I have been checking some others plugins to see how can I achieve that but not much insight so far.

Any tips about how to achieve this would be highly appreciated it

(Sam Saffron) #2

“Delete my account” being around for SSO sites is a bug, report it separately, a PR in that department is welcome.

I am pretty sure you can disable list all users in site settings with disable user directory

(marioMAN) #3

List all users thing now gone. Thanks!

A new bug report created