Remove or add user to existing private message

(Steve Barnes) #1


We have a use case whereby we need to sometimes remove a user from an existing private message and sometimes add a new one. Ideally this could be done by a forum moderator.

Is this possible somehow?


(Kane York) #2

Adding users to a PM can be done by any user TL2+ (though there is a bug that prevents this from happening on sites with SSO). I don’t think there’s any current facilities to remove users from a PM.

(Steve Barnes) #3

Ok thanks @riking, is it possible to put this forward as a change request?

(Steve Barnes) #4

Hi @sam,

Is it possible to add this as a development request? …removing users from a PM as well as being able to add them as per above?


(Steve Barnes) #5

Hi @sam @riking,

Please could someone get back to me on whether you can include a new feature to allow removing a user from a PM? If it’s not easy for you to do then I might have to reconsider how I move forward with a certain site feature. It would be greatly appreciated if you could include this in a future development.


(Sam Saffron) #6

We covered this in the past somewhere.

Removing users from a PM is weird cause you can not “reach in to mailboxes and pull the email out using magic wand”.

What I do support is allowing you to remove users you “just” added (in case you typoed or made a mistake)

This is an edge case and not slotted to any release yet.

(system) #7

(Tobias Eigen) #8

These features have now been added.

I do still struggle with this a bit because users are not straight up added… they are invited. If they do not respond they will not be included. This makes sense for normal users inviting other users but for moderators not so much.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

Different feature. You want to force people into notifications on a PM, when they may not have even visited that PM or replied to it. That’s… a bit weird. I believe a compromise position was to have people only get that PM set to watching or tracking if they at least visit the topic once, right @sam?

(Sam Saffron) #10

Yes, we auto watch on visit now, and we corrected a bug where “track on visit” was meant to apply only to “topics” not messages, was somehow applying to messages.

(Tobias Eigen) #11

I understand what you mean here. It is not great to throw people randomly into an ongoing PM, especially if it’s a lively conversation happening in private.

My use case is a little different. I rely on PMs to invite people to the network, creating staged users, and for handling helpdesk type issues. In the process, I often encounter situations where I am deleting duplicate users or merging them, and then have orphaned PMs that I have to decide what to do with. In these cases, I would just like to add the person to the message quietly, without making a fuss about it or risking that they ignore it and don’t agree to join their message.

So… a moderator (or admin only, maybe) feature to add not invite would be welcome. But there are workarounds and I have gotten used to the existing functionality, so it’s not exactly pressing. :slight_smile: