Remove or add user to exiting private message

(Steve Barnes) #1


We have a use case whereby we need to sometimes remove a user from an existing private message and sometimes add a new one. Ideally this could be done by a forum moderator.

Is this possible somehow?


(Kane York) #2

Adding users to a PM can be done by any user TL2+ (though there is a bug that prevents this from happening on sites with SSO). I don’t think there’s any current facilities to remove users from a PM.

(Steve Barnes) #3

Ok thanks @riking, is it possible to put this forward as a change request?

(Steve Barnes) #4

Hi @sam,

Is it possible to add this as a development request? …removing users from a PM as well as being able to add them as per above?


(Steve Barnes) #5

Hi @sam @riking,

Please could someone get back to me on whether you can include a new feature to allow removing a user from a PM? If it’s not easy for you to do then I might have to reconsider how I move forward with a certain site feature. It would be greatly appreciated if you could include this in a future development.


(Sam Saffron) #6

We covered this in the past somewhere.

Removing users from a PM is weird cause you can not “reach in to mailboxes and pull the email out using magic wand”.

What I do support is allowing you to remove users you “just” added (in case you typoed or made a mistake)

This is an edge case and not slotted to any release yet.