Remove requirement to scan through all new posts to have "Unread" item marked as read


I had one item in the Unread section and I went through and clicked on it.

I noticed that the conversation was nothing interesting so I clicked on the Discourse icon in the header to be taken back to the landing page.

I noticed that the one item was still listed in the Unread section.

Clicked on Unread and noticed it had a little 11 next to it and I hovered over that which told me there were 11 new conversations (or something like that).

I think on any board with where a topic like “What is wrong with PHPBB” there is going to be a lot of posts that are all filler no killer and it isn’t worth my time to scroll through them all.

I don’t think this is a worthwhile requirement to have the system check that I have read every new post for the topic to be removed from the Unread section.

After all, I initially expected the systems suggestion on Friday that I only look at popular posts, but the system is now making me scan through all of the new items, popular or not.

(Sam Saffron) #2

You can easily opt-out of stuff you opted in, in the past:


@sam I don’t think I made myself clear… I am happy to be notified and have a glance at some of the updated comments and get a feel for what is being said. However, I don’t think it should be necessary for me to view every new message for the item to be review from the Unread queue.

I think I should just need to open the thread for it to be removed from my queue, what I do from there and whether or not I sight each item shouldn’t matter.

(Sam Saffron) #4

We only add the topic to your queue if you spend 5 minutes reading it or opt-in.

I guess you are asking for either:

  1. Clear all unread button
  2. A special mode where as soon as you navigate to a topic all unread are cleared, regardless

  1. Is admitting defeat, its saying we are not good enough at managing your backlog, we would only like to add that as a last resort.
  2. Is rather odd and really muddies up our “read tracking”

If we were to add another mode say: “Sort of Tracking” it would confuse people, we already have 4 different tracking modes.

I am not really sure how we can solve this particular one for you.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Good news: you can now dismiss read topics via the “Dismiss Read” button at the bottom of the Unread tab.

Note that this changes all the topics on your unread list from “tracking” or “watching” state to “regular” state. So you won’t see new post counts on any of those topics again once you press the Dismiss Read button.

A similar Dismiss New button is coming to the new page next week.

(Jeff Atwood) #6