Remove topics and pictures from mobile main page


This is our current mobile main page:

Is it possible to remove the images and individual topics from this page, and have the subcategories in individual rows (how the current topics are)?


Sounds like some CSS in a theme would cover it. I would imagine you could hide the images and topic lists pretty easy that way. But then it would be a matter of building out the style you want for sub-categories. All the data is there.

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Removing images and topic lists would be a good start.

Would you be able to help out with the CSS code for that?

We currently have no code that applies specifically for mobile. Is this possible?


Try to add CSS for the mobile version

Removes pictures:

.category-list-item img {
   display: none;

Removes questions:

.category-topic-link {
    display: none;

It’s supposed to work.

Might have to put: .navigation-categories

.navigation-categories .category-topic-link