Remove topics and pictures from mobile main page


(Fellowship Forums) #1


This is our current mobile main page:

Is it possible to remove the images and individual topics from this page, and have the subcategories in individual rows (how the current topics are)?


(Joe Buhlig) #2

Sounds like some CSS in a theme would cover it. I would imagine you could hide the images and topic lists pretty easy that way. But then it would be a matter of building out the style you want for sub-categories. All the data is there.

(Fellowship Forums) #3

Removing images and topic lists would be a good start.

Would you be able to help out with the CSS code for that?

We currently have no code that applies specifically for mobile. Is this possible?


(Evgeny) #4

Try to add CSS for the mobile version

Removes pictures:

.category-list-item img {
   display: none;

Removes questions:

.category-topic-link {
    display: none;

It’s supposed to work.

Might have to put: .navigation-categories

.navigation-categories .category-topic-link