Remove topics from category page


Currently in our category pages, we have the subcategories (in boxes) and then all of the topics underneath.
Is it possible to hide the topics from showing in these pages?

An example is this page:


If I understand correctly you want to hide the topics only on the ‘parent category’ view, and force people to select a category before seeing the topics list? This would be pretty simple to achieve with one line of CSS for each parent category you with to hide, like:

#ember960 {display:none;}

Just inspect the HTML for each page where you need to make this change, and enter the custom CSS in the Customize section of your forum’s admin.

Never user ember internal IDs for CSS targets.

Something like this:

body.categories-list table.topic-list {
  display: none

Should survive updates.


But that would remove ALL topics lists for all categories, right? Not just the one on one single ‘parent category’. That’s why I chose to target something with an ID. Is there another way to achieve this?

Yes, just add the category class:

body.categories-list.category-source-material table.topic-list {
  display: none

Fantastic, I learned something. Sorry for giving an incorrect solution there!

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