Removing the Hide Public Profile setting does not unhide previously hidden users

When removing the “Hide Public Profile” option from users, users who had this previously set to true will stay hidden and now have no way of unhiding their profiles.

What do you mean “remove”? Hiding it through CSS? This can’t be removed through site settings.

I believe it was hidden with CSS, which is why it didn’t unhide the users who had it set to true (facepalm) I am still gaining information about this though, I was not aware that this is not a site setting.

You’re going to need to go digging in the database to do this, but I would advise against it.

If you previously gave your users the option to decline making their profile data public it changed the context of the data processing relationship. There are lots of laws you could trip over here by making profiles visible without the consent of users.

I am not an admin or developer or member of the community I am referring to, I am just reporting findings and issues being forwarded to me. As of the moment, there is no update on their take of the situation.

Why are you asking for support then? :thinking:

Nothing is broken here, hiding a button doesn’t undo the effect of said button.

I would suggest you recommend the site owners post here if they need something.

If you want to gain familiarity with discourse and the features contained within site settings it’s very easy to install and begin learning.

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The category was initially bugs , however it was modified by @codinghorror since I was unaware of the backend stuff.

I’ve installed Discourse on my machine actually :slight_smile:, still learning about it.