Rename "+new topic" and "+reply" buttons to "post new topic" and "post reply"

(Jay Pfaffman) #22

I’ve heard this from users on a couple sites as well.

(Daniela) #23

Take a look here Jay, it can be useful

(Jay Pfaffman) #24

Thanks, Daniela. I’ve done that on the most recent site. Since I’ve heard it from a couple people, I thought I’d mention it here. It does seem a bit confusing that the same words would be used to initial writing a post and commit the post.

(Mittineague) #25

One way to disambiguate would be to make the text more verbose. eg. “Start Reply” - “Submit Reply”.

I’m not a fan of that though. Maybe only because I know the difference and it isn’t a problem for me.

Do you think maybe the same text but different icons might be enough? eg. a pencil for “write” and the arrow for “submit”?

* the pencil is already used to indicate “edit” so using that might also lead to confusion, but you get the idea.

(Jay Pfaffman) #26

Maybe just ‘reply’ and ‘submit’ or ‘send’.

My wife, who teaches and studies online education for a living, finds these buttons confusing.