Repeated Captcha for a couple patrons on Discourse


A patron has had to go through several Captcha challenges to access Discourse for the last week or so and now can’t access at all. Her pledge is current and in good standing at Patreon, although she’s having logon issues with them as well, having to repeatedly validate her device. At this point she’s unable to access either platform. I’ll be following up with Patreon support presently.

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Can you share your forum address? Are you using cloudflare?


Thanks for responding. Forum is And,of all those able to contribute to the collective wisdom here, I am not one of them. Not using Clouflare…that I’m aware. I’m a ‘tell which buttons to punch’ type of gal, so, essentially ignorant. I can the user advises she’s using a tablet but not the apps for Discourse and Patreon. Rather, hunting the websites in a google search then going from there, on Safari. I’ve suggested she try a different approach. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

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Thanks for the info.

So the problem is 100% on Patreon side.

What happens is that when the user lands on your forum at and clicks on login, she is redirected to Patreon and Patreon is showing those captchas for her.

What you can do is enabling an alternative login method in your Discourse. Like email logins or Social (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

As long as she uses the same email on Patreon and elsewhere everything will still work and she will be able to log into the forum.


Thank you most kindly! I’m afraid I don’t have high hopes for Patreon support being much help. But I’ll plug away with them to see what the issue might be. Again, thanks.


[UPDATE] I’ve just tested the situation myself. I logged out of Discourse and, upon logging back in, I’m allow access to my Patreon info but am put back to a screen advising I need a Discourse account. Click log in, same loop. I’ve logged out of and back in to Patreon with no issue. FWIW I’m on a MacBook, High Sierra v13.10.5

Sorry to come back on this topic again, but I’m hoping you can shed some insight an issue that seems to be just with Discourse at this time. Patreon’s increased security changes have impacted many users but as those get sorted, user by user, there seems to be a lingering issue, at least for one user. She’s able to access Patreon now, using 2 factor authentication. But, per the user (EZMorph12 is her username) …“with Discourse I do the two-step verification, they send me the number but then I’m in a loop where it keeps telling me to login or sign-up it never gets me to the forum…”

EZMorph12 had reached out for help on Discourse and received this response.

Any ideas?

From: Robert McIntosh <>
Reply-To: Robert McIntosh <>
Date: Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 1:04 PM
To: <>
Subject: [Discourse Meta] [PM] Problem accessing forum

robmc Robert McIntosh team
July 12
Sorry Nancy

This doesn’t appear to be a Patreon problem, but whoever has built that site and used our software will be responsible for managing it. Unfortunately we don’t host it so I know nothing about the administration of that particular forum.

You would need to contact them to look into it. Do you have any contact details for the admin from your previous interactions? Maybe from a welcome email? Try sending them a note

Sorry I can’t help more at this stage. It doesn’t sound like it is just your issue as there do seem to be issues with the domain, so the admin will probably appreciate your alert

Good luck


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It looks like your Patreon plugin integration is broken. Can you see anything suspicious in the page? Also try by disabling login required setting.


Thanks for the response, but I can’t access the site (can’t login) so am unable to look at the logs or change any settings. :worried:

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You can use the admin backdoor to login /u/admin-login.


Again, thanks. (I’m the opposite of tech literate so I really appreciate the help. Question: if I change the login setting to from ‘login required’ would that not allow non-patrons access to the site? The entire point of the forum is to have one closed to anyone other than current patrons.

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You can enable login required again after testing the Patreon login issue.

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Hey, Casey.

I’m the one you need help from. I’ve been watching this topic and it wasn’t clear whether I needed to do anything.

I’ll try to make sense of what’s going on here and contact you vie email.

Indeed the admin panel says:

So that may be all the folks here needed to know.

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I’ve just rebuilt and she has re-entered her Patreon keys and the console is still showing:

It would seem that there is a problem there.

@caduspa just pasted in new ones, so I don’t know what else to tell her.

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The error message will get removed after a successful sync. So trigger the manual sync from admin page /admin/plugins/patreon.

Patreon Token Refresh Failed

Thanks for this. Now, let’s pretend that I have no idea how to trigger a manual sync (which is not pretending because I truly don’t have a clue :flushed:). I followed the path you noted but see nothing about a sync with Patreon or otherwise.

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You can see a button named “Update Patreon Data & Sync Groups” in the page I mentioned above.

@pfaffman I recently added a fix which is related to the oauth2 logins. So if the login problem persist then please rebuild it again.

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I see that button. I clicked it. The /admin page no longer has the warning about the bad keys. (But that might have been the case before I clicked it.)

This didn’t work when I started this message, but I just rebuilt and I was able to log in, so I think that @vinothkannans’s latest fix may be what fixed it.

Thanks, Vinoth!