Repetitive gutter links?

(Jeff Atwood) #13

I was thinking we can mechanically limit it to say, 5 links. That way we don’t need to calculate actual height which will vary based on length of topic titles, we can do a quick calc to see how many links there are.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #14

How come? I actually find the incoming links more valuable. Outgoing links I’ll notice anyways by just reading the thread. The only way for me to discover the incoming links is the sidebar. I’d like the order to be:

  1. Cross-links (thread that is linked to also links back)
  2. Incoming links
  3. Outgoing links

(Dave McClure) #15

Never thought of it that way, definitely a good point.

But I’ve always thought of links within the post as being more important because they are really part of the post, part of the content chosen by the author. Of course you could hover over them to see where they go, but being able to quickly see the titles of those topics without mousing over each one, is just so convenient.

Not to say the links back aren’t important, but I’m not sure its best to put them before the one’s the author of the post has chosen as part of their post.

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Well, the outgoing links are duplicated on the right. So if there are incoming links, and we can only display 5, we would be suppressing unique information in favor of duplicated information.

(FichteFoll) #17

Something related that also should be considered:

The “Reply as new Topic” links belongs to the first post btw.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #18

I’m not quite following. Wouldn’t this issue be solved as a result of implementing the ‘more…’ as mentioned above?

(FichteFoll) #19

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the length of the gutter links and as long as these exceed or are about as long as the post itself and the next post also has a gutter link, the button “reply as new topic” button will overlap with that.

(Jeff Atwood) #20

@eviltrout will be working on improving the gutter links this week!

(Robin Ward) #21

Actually that code is hand-rolled for performance reasons. We show a lot of links sometimes and it was quite slow! So my new version will use string rendering too. However, I will update it to use a component instead of a custom view.

(Jeff Atwood) #22

This is basically complete now. Have a look, anyone who is interested – heavily linked topics now:

  1. Collapse multiple links to the same topic

  2. Prioritize more clicked links (move them to the top)

  3. Suppress “too many” incoming and outgoing links behind a show more… expansion.

Much saner in the right gutter for heavily linked topics, thanks @eviltrout!

(Katie Hunter) #23

@codinghorror @eviltrout There is an issue with the collapse/expend function, is that when you expend the list on the right column, your post looks weird if it is short. The proper approach would have been a scroll up and down so it eliminate the expend function ex

So if you try it here What do user trust levels do? and expend the list, the post will look awkwardly bad.

(Jeff Atwood) #24

Sorry, I don’t agree that is the “proper” approach.

(Katie Hunter) #25

It might be more complicated to execute ? but in my opinion it looks much more proper and works better. An up/down scroll in order to look at the list if it is too long is much more proper than the expend feature (there isn’t a collapse feature btw) because it doesn’t make short topics or replies look weird when you have a huge space at the bottom

You don’t think it is more elegant, and proper than the current expend idea ? How are you going to deal with short topics or replies when you have many links on the right column.


And the scroll up down bar, should appear when you hover around that area, much like the FB message page. I honestly don’t see this looking bad at all. It just needs to be properly implemented.


(Robin Ward) #26

I agree the white space looks weird on expand but it doesn’t happen very frequently.

Having said that, the scroll bars only appearing on hovering wouldn’t be very friendly on a tablet.

(Katie Hunter) #27

I haven’t tested Facebook message page on a tablet but i assume they have a work around it to work properly. While I understand that you say it doesn’t happen frequently but in my opinion it will happen frequently on active sites because it can happen with short replies (and that is common) or with short topics.

Is it hard to implement other then not looking friendly on a tablet ? i have my site here , and i am always exploring all the possible and good looking ideas. Some time things are said to be challenging or difficult but we always manage to get it done because with coding anything is possible. At least that is what i believe.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #28

Not at all a big problem to me. You’ll very rarely run into it and alternative approaches shouldn’t be too hard to test out with a plugin.

I’m seeing the “Reply as new topic” button misplaced though:

(Katie Hunter) #29

I am usually looking at perfecting something that would work better rather than think about plugins to enhance the current function. Because like this, we will say “you need to create a plugin for every improved feature” and it becomes a pattern in the language of development.

I’ve seen this being said on many forums like Vbulletin, IPB and so on, although now days VB is taking a better approach at listing rather than say “you can create an addon to do this or that”

Should Features be Core or Plugin
(Luke S) #30

I also see the reply as new topic button in that (strange) location. To make things worse, I’m not able to click it!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #31

I’m not saying it would be a permanent solution. If enough websites use it by default, it becomes the new default, and it can be merged into the core.

But before that happens, if there’s a simpler way, even if it’s a bit rough around the edges, you stick with what’s simplest as long as it suffices for the majority.

(Jeff Atwood) #32