Replication of specific categories over two instances

(German Viscuso) #1

Hi. Here’s my scenario. We’ll setup a discourse instance in the US and another one in China. The instances are different, not mirrored and localized to each region BUT we need to replicate a category called “knowledge base” from the US instance to the China instance (even if posts are in English). What can I do to get this done? Maybe replicate parts of the Postgres database between the instances? I believe all “knowledge base” posts will be by a single user.

Best! Thx for your advice

(Sam Saffron) #2

This is going to be a world of pain and require API usage … how brave are you feeling, do you have a developer to dedicate to this?

(German Viscuso) #3

Thx for answering. We have one Rails developer. How difficult is the code base? I saw that you guys don’t recommend it as a first Rails app :slight_smile:


I would like to do something similar: replicate a category that already exists in our Discourse Forum into a new category on our forum. Is this now easier than [quote=“sam, post:2, topic:9234”]
a world of pain

(Sam Saffron) #5
  • When a topic is posted in category X on instance A - it must be “replicated” to instance B

  • When a topic is posted in category X on instance B - it must be “replicated” to instance A

  • Same goes for replies, if user A from site B replies to the topic you need to copy the reply over… and the user record over and so on.

  • And cross site likes, how do they work?

Bottom line, you are going to need a developer here to build it.