Reply as new topic dont show the original post reference

(Rafael Solci) #1

A user reported to me that he replied as new topic to some post and his new topic is not showing the reference to the original post.

I tried here

and is not showing the reference. I used this post to start a new one.

(Rafael Solci) #2


it seems that someone did the same test and it worked:

(YOU) #3

may be just first post is special and cannot reply as new topic?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Unless you can reproduce it on try, it is not a bug – it has to be user error or a local site misconfiguration.

(Rafael Solci) #5

Well, yesterday i tried on try and it not worked, but after some time it worked again.

My guess is that for some reason it did not load the old post in the new topic. (I dont remember the words “Continuing the discussion from …”)

Today everything seems normal, then it was probably a false alert.

(Jeff Atwood) #6