Reply box shows horizontal scroll bar - sometimes flickers


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Sometimes when I reply to a topic, there is a horizontal scroll bar. This isn’t a problem in itself, but sometimes it happens at just the right placement that it continuously appears and disappears, making the reply box go up and down repeatedly. This makes it incredibly hard to type a reply. Scrolling up or down sometimes makes this problem go away.

This issue has been happening for several weeks now.

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Recently related issue: For specific browser widths, horizontal scroll bar appears

Thought this was fixed, but I’m able to reproduce it in certain circumstances. Taking a look.

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Just pushed a fix that sets a max-width on the topic-progress bar’s background… I couldn’t get it to reproduce every time, but it seems like the width calculation can be slightly too large with some combination of scrolling/opening the composer.

Thanks for reporting this @seanblue! This will be fixed in the next update, or can be patched immediately by adding this to your CSS customizations (in your theme, under Desktop > CSS).

#topic-progress {
    .bg { max-width: 145px; }

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